What is a Wind Energy & how is Wind created?

What is Wind?

Wind turbine generators function on a basic principle, instead of using electricity to make wind, similar to fans, wind turbines turn wind into electricity. Wind’s kinetic energy turns the blades of a turbine around a rotor, which again spins a generator, which creates electricity. The wind is actually a form of solar energy caused by a combination of three concurrent events [1,2,3].

  1. The uneven temperature of the atmosphere (sun heats the atmosphere unevenly)
  2. Irregularities of the earth’s surface
  3. The rotation of the earth

Wind flow patterns and speeds vary greatly across the world and are dependent on bodies of water, vegetation, and differences in terrain. Wind Energy has been historically used for various purposes from sailing, to flying a kite, and now generating electricity.

As renewable energy technology continues to advance and grow in popularity, wind farms have become an increasingly common sight along hills, fields, or even offshore in the ocean. You can read more about Wind Turbines and its various types here.

Did you know?

Wind Edition publishes this trending top 10 Wind Turbine Generators article quarterly. In addition to that we also have an interactive map of all major offshore wind farms globally.  

Author: Shahab Moghadam

Source: @Wind Edition
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