Top 10 Wind Turbine Generators, Q4 2022

Top 10 Wind Turbine Generator By Windedition

Q4 2022 Update: Wind Edition has listed the Top 10 Wind Turbine Generators sorted by the power rating of these Wind Turbines. This list is updated quarterly. This is a list of the most powerful wind turbine generators as of Q4 2022. Clearly, due to market trends, the very fast evolution of wind turbine generators is focused on Offshore Wind turbines. This list however is also including the most powerful onshore wind turbines.

1 – SG 14-222 DD, 14 MW (15 MW Power Boost), Offshore Wind Turbine from Siemens Gamesa
2 – Haliade-X, 14 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from GE Wind Energy
3 – SG 11.0-200 DD, 11 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from Siemens Gamesa
4 – V164-10.0, 10 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from MHI-Vestas
5 – D10000-185, 10 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from Dongfang Electric
6 – V174-9.5, 9.5 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from MHI-Vestas
7 – V164-9.5, 9.5 MW, Offshore Wind Turbine from MHI-Vestas
8 – SG 8.0-167 DD, 8 MW, from Siemens Gamesa
9 – E-126 7.580, 7.5 MW, Onshore Wind Turbine from Enercon
10 – Cypress 6.0-164, 6 MW, Onshore Wind Turbine from GE Wind Energy

To understand the context of this fast evolution, one needs to remember that the output power of a typical wind turbine generator (WTG) back in 2014 was around 3 – 5 MW, however, this number for projects under execution is around 13 – 15 MW today and even 18 MW for projects under planning.

The full list of Top 10 Wind Turbine Generators

This list is under further development and we will add further information on Rotor diameter, IEC Class, Drivetrain and deployed Wind farms, and even jacket structure type soon.

RankingManufacturerModelPower rating (MW)TypeDeployment statusDeployment date
1Siemens GamesaSG 14-222 DD14OffshorePrototype
2GE Wind EnergyHaliade-X14OffshorePrototype
3Siemens GamesaSG 11.0-200 DD11OffshoreCommercially deployedApril 2022
4MHI-VestasV164-10.010OffshoreUpgrade of current model
5Dongfang ElectricD10000-18510OffshorePrototypeJuly 2020
7MHI-VestasV164-9.59.5OffshoreCommercially deployedDecember 2019
8Siemens GamesaSG 8.0-167 DD8OffshoreCommercially deployedApril 2020
9EnerconE-126 7.5807.5OnshoreNo longer offered for sale
10GE Wind EnergyCypress 6.0-1646OnshorePrototype
Table 1 – List of Top 10 Wind Trubine Generators, sorted by power rating

Top Conceptual Wind Turbine Generators, Under Development

In addition to these Wind Turbine Generators, there are at least 3 major models under conceptual development. Of course one of the limiting factors in the efficiency level of WTGs is the Betz Limit.

RankingManufacturerModelPower rating (MW)TypeDeployment statusDeployment date
1Mingyang Wind PowerMySE 16.0-24216OffshoreConcept
2VestasV236-15.0 MW15OffshoreConcept
3Mingyang Wind PowerMySE 11-20311OffshoreConcept
Table 2 – List of Top Conceptual Wind Trubine Generators, sorted by power rating

What is Wind Energy & how is Wind created?

Wind turbine generators function on a basic principle, instead of using electricity to make wind, similar to fans, wind turbines turn wind into electricity. The wind turns the blades of a turbine around a rotor, which again spins a generator, which creates electricity. The wind is actually a form of solar energy caused by a combination of three concurrent events [1].

  1. Uneven temperature of the atmosphere (sun heats the atmosphere unevenly)
  2. Irregularities of the earth’s surface
  3. The rotation of the earth

Wind flow patterns and speeds vary greatly across the world and are dependent on bodies of water, vegetation, and differences in terrain. Wind Energy has been historically used for various purposes from sailing, to flying a kite, and now generating electricity.

What is a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG)?

A wind turbine generator works with the force of the wind. Moreover, the kinetic energy of the flowing wind transforms into electrical energy by rotating turbine blades and the coupled generator. The wind turbine blades are similar to the wings of an airplane or helicopter blades. Where the same principle of lift and drag [2] makes the wind turbine rotate to produce electricity.

Components of a horizontal axis wind turbine [2]

The main resource to operate a wind turbine is the wind itself. Which varies all the time as it flows depending on the time of day, month, season etc. Thus capturing most wind energy in any location is not a straightforward task. So, to make a wind turbine work, the next two points are essential. You can read more about WTG & its types below.

WTG Efficiency & BETZ limit?

Did you know?

Wind Edition publishes this trending top 10 Wind Turbine Generators article quarterly. In addition to that we also have an interactive map of all major offshore wind farms globally.  

On our sister website, Solar Edition, we also publish trending articles with the new top 10 PV solar panels quarterly since 2019.

Author: Shahab Moghadam

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