Offshore Wind Hydrogen Stations are the Future Energy Stations

This note is drawing the vision of Offshore Wind Hydrogen Stations. This is something that could potentially become our future energy stations far inside the seas. This vision is combining two of the most trendy business models, Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Production. Having this combination together enables higher feasibility and bankability while eliminating their […]

Are wind turbines recyclable? 

Are wind turbine recyclable

Wind energy is increasing in popularity worldwide as a low-cost,  carbon-free energy technology. In addition, With the rapid growth in the number of wind farms around the world, the recycling of wind turbines and waste generated from wind turbine blades has become a challenge. Figure 1 shows over 50 million metric tons of waste by […]

What is Green Hydrogen?

what is green hydrogen

Hydrogen is definitely the trend of the day as the fuel of the future, and yes there is a lot of buzz around it. In this note, we will try to clarify what is Green Hydrogen & why is it so important. and why at this point in time it is not where it should […]

How Much Does a Wind Turbine Cost?


Commercial wind turbines onshore or offshore[1] have different associated costs. Whereas, offshore wind turbines or wind farms cost high as compared to their onshore counterparts. On the other hand, residential wind turbines cost a few thousand dollars per kilowatt capacity. For different types of installation locations, the cost differs accordingly. The onshore installations have lower […]

What is a Wind Energy & how is Wind created?

What is Wind?

Wind turbine generators function on a basic principle, instead of using electricity to make wind, similar to fans, wind turbines turn wind into electricity. Wind’s kinetic energy turns the blades of a turbine around a rotor, which again spins a generator, which creates electricity. The wind is actually a form of solar energy caused by […]

Top 10 Wind Turbine Generators, Q4 2022

Top 10 Wind Turbine Generator By Windedition

Q4 2022 Update: Wind Edition has listed the Top 10 Wind Turbine Generators sorted by the power rating of these Wind Turbines. This list is updated quarterly. This is a list of the most powerful wind turbine generators as of Q4 2022. Clearly, due to market trends, the very fast evolution of wind turbine generators […]

How Does a Wind Turbine Work? What Are Its Components?

wind turbines

The way a wind turbine works is the opposite of a rotating motor. While in a motor, the energy is consumed, but in a wind turbine that energy is generated in the form of electricity from rotating blades. Including wind, in most other technologies  (non-renewable and renewable), rotating generators are the main electricity generation component, […]

What is BETZ limit for Wind Turbine Efficiency?

Betz Limit or Betz Law is the theoretical maximum efficiency for a wind turbine, that is 59.3%.

The Betz limit is the theoretical maximum efficiency for a wind turbine, calculated by German physicist Albert Betz back in 1919 [1]. Betz calculations showed that this value is 59.3%, which allowing at most only 59.3% of the wind kinetic energy to spin the turbine and generate electricity. In reality, turbines cannot reach the Betz […]

What is wind class in wind turbine?

Wind Class of a wind turbine (WTG) tells you what kind of turbine fits the “normal wind conditions” in a specific location.

Wondering what a wind turbine Wind Class is? Well here you should be able to find a quick answer. This WTG (Wind Turbine Gnerator) classification tells you what kind of turbine fits the “normal wind conditions” in the location that you are planning to install the wind turbine / have a Wind Park. Studying the […]

Energy self-sustainability in Europe, short-term strategies: Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Cheapest, Safest, & Cleanest Energy Measure ...

Europe is facing all-time high gas and electricity prices these days [1]. It affects from top to toe the whole economy and the life quality of European citizens. Instead of discussing the five proposals of the European Commission (EC) president [2], we are going to discuss the short-term and mid-term strategies to improve energy self-sustainability […]